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A complete end to end solution.

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PPS, a joint venture between Mastercard and Edenred is a one-stop-shop for card and fintech programmes.

We are entering a new era of banking. Different consumers have different needs and are shopping around for a more personalised service and additional features.

PPS’ alternative banking solution is a modern alternative to a traditional bank account, providing all of the banking basics with added value features and benefits to fit the changing lifestyles of your customers and help them manage their money.

Integrate api into your system
API Integration
API plugin functionality
Plug into
your App
e-wallet provider
Multiple Wallets
fintech transactions
Up to
2,000 TPS
applepay googlepay samsungpay payments on apple watch
illustrated chip and pin secure
Secure Chip and
Pin technology

Prepaid travel money cards are a secure, convenient way to take your travel money abroad and a much better alternative than travellers’ cheques, foreign currency and other payment options including a debit or credit card.

For retailers, prepaid travel cards enable low cost entry into a high value market, while driving a significant revenue stream.

Banking and fintech payments and accounts
Built on PPS’ core application and authorisation platform
SEPA IN, SEPA OUT, SEPA Direct debit stars
Cards can be scheme based (accepted on Mastercard®, Maestro and Cirrus networks)
GB IBAN for Faster Payments
Can be client branded
White label options
Easily reloadable via various mediums
chip and pin mastercard® card
Flexible expiry date
no credit checks
Can either be issued instantly or with secondary activation
realtime notifications
Full cardholder self servicing is available online or via an app
end to end solution
A simple multi currency, multi lingual solution
Flexible services
Ability to capture cardholder information and create user accounts online
simple plug-in apis
Comprehensive reporting and information management
customise your app
Friendly Support
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multiple e wallets
  • Safer than carrying cash, as funds are not lost if someone’s card or wallet is lost or stolen
  • More secure than giving a debit or credit card to an unfamiliar merchant based overseas
  • Peace of mind of knowing you can’t spend more than is loaded onto the card
  • Certainty over the exchange rate you receive, rather than receiving a different rate each day