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A complete end to end solution.

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PPS, a joint venture between Mastercard and Edenred is a one-stop-shop for card and fintech programmes.

We are entering a new era of banking. Different consumers have different needs and are shopping around for a more personalised service and additional features.

PPS’ alternative banking solution is a modern alternative to a traditional bank account, providing all of the banking basics with added value features and benefits to fit the changing lifestyles of your customers and help them manage their money.

Integrate api into your system
API Integration
API plugin functionality
Plug into
your App
e-wallet provider
Multiple Wallets
fintech transactions
Up to
2,000 TPS
applepay googlepay samsungpay payments on apple watch
illustrated chip and pin secure
Secure Chip and
Pin technology

Leading organisations have discovered that rewarding loyalty is a powerful way of retaining customers.

Dedicated loyalty programmes enable modern businesses to recruit, retain and build profitable relationships with their customers by acknowledging their value to the organisation.

Banking and fintech payments and accounts
Built on PPS’ core application and authorisation platform
SEPA IN, SEPA OUT, SEPA Direct debit stars
Cards can either be built on a retailer’s private payment network or be scheme based (i.e. use the MasterCard® network)
GB IBAN for Faster Payments
Can be used to reward consumers in different ways (i.e. with points or actual currency)
White label options
Flexible expiry date
chip and pin mastercard® card
Can either be issued instantly or with secondary activation
no credit checks
Full cardholder self servicing is available online or via an app
realtime notifications
A simple multi wallet, multi currency, multi lingual solution
end to end solution
Cards can be displayed on any medium, such as a plastic card, a digital gift card or via a mobile app
Flexible services
Comprehensive reporting and information management so that businesses can track customer activity and manage CRM communications
simple plug-in apis
customise your app
Friendly Support
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multiple e wallets
  • Boost sales and profits by increasing footfall and encouraging consumer spending
  • Capture valuable data on customer spending patterns and other demographics
  • Reduce costs by eliminating the manual processes and administration that are needed for paper based schemes
  • Increase security by offering gift cards that can be easily blocked if lost or stolen
  • Expand brand awareness with push, pull and refer a friend programmes