Working at PPS

PPS is the driving force behind innovative digital payments and neo-bank solutions being launched across the UK and EU.
It is one of the most innovative and mature players in this dynamic and exciting industry and a joint venture between Edenred and Mastercard.

As a multi awardwinning, industry leading organisation that’s been established for 20 years, we work with a broad range of clients that focus on delivery of innovative solutions.

Our technology and licenses provide platforms to some of the most exciting brands which helped to revolutionise the way users interact with their finances on a daily basis.

Our team of over 400 people, based in London, Brussels, Swindon and Dubai, allow us to be a truly global player.

You are not joining just a business, you are joining an innovation revolution.
Head over to the Edenred global recruitment portal to view our current vacancies. Please note the role location as detailed in each vacancy.


To be the Trusted Global Business Partner delivering Innovative and Sustainable Payment Services with the Highest Level of Quality in Clearly defined Industry Ecosystems.
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in everything we do
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Global ambition
Your global partner to provide innovative solutions without borders
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Business Partner
we are not a supplier we outsource a key function
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innovation drives everything
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Sustainable payment services
We are here for the long run and we don’t risk the business of our stakeholders
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If we can’t do it well don’t do it
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expertise is key
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We are committed to companies, employees and merchants, working to understand and anticipate their needs as effectively as possible and align our services and our programs with their changing expectations. We relentlessly fine-tune every last detail to ensure that 100% of our customers would recommend us to their friends.


Business excellence requires respect. For this reason, we work proactively, accountably and honestly with our customers. We express our gratitude and our recognition every day to our colleagues. We efficiently use the resources provided to us by our shareholders. And we offer products and services that create value for all of our stakeholders in society as a whole.


Imagination stimulates innovation and gives rise to progress. Every day, we let our creativity run free to inspire and connect companies, employees and merchants in the working world, both today and tomorrow.


Our customers want their interactions with us to be simple and easy. We strive to be straightforward in everything we do and transparent in everything we say.


Edenred's entrepreneurial spirit drives growth and spreads the Group's pioneering ethos to the new territories that we set out to explore. It strengthens local empowerment while continually pushing us to higher levels of business excellence.



Here at PPS we are all about people. Our colleagues, our clients, our partners!  All important, all matter to PPS.
What’s it like to work at PPS – well one thing is for sure – it’s never a dull moment. Every day, we are energised to go the extra mile. We work together no matter where we are in the world. Communication, collaboration; we can’t help ourselves, we just click as a team, well actually we feel like one family, the PPS family.
It’s fair to say life is busy, hectic sometimes, tight timescales, some may say very tight. But we deliver because that’s what our clients deserve. Quality delivery every time and we are the team to do it.
Did we say we have masses of fun too! Well if we didn’t, we do! Check out these pics. They say it all. Summer and Winter parties, celebrating our successes, team build activities in some of the most amazing locations in the UK.
Despite the recent covid challenges the last few years threw at us, we kicked back, and we delivered, time and time again.
PPS life, that’s it in a nutshell, but don’t take our word for it, see what our colleagues have to say below.

"I’ve been working at PPS for almost 3 years now. My career here began in Customer Services where I was a Customer Service Advisor. After a number of challenging yet enjoyable months in this role I moved to a more senior position within Service Management as a Service Support Manager. PPS is committed to providing opportunities to develop and learn new skills and actively encourages and supports career progression. It is great to be part of a company that genuinely cares about their employees especially during the recent pandemic. I am excited about my future here at PPS."

Ella C, Service Support Manager
"PPS has been a great opportunity for me in terms of its fast developing nature and high energy setting. As the industry is rapidly growing, there is always scope to learn be it MDES, 3DS or Open banking. Working during Covid has not been easy for most of us however, the spirit of PPS has always helped me strive for the best. With new start-ups, back to back meetings and speed for launch, you’re always busy and on your feet!"

Pearl B, Junior Project Manager
"My Journey has always been full of surprises and a never ending flow of new experiences and events. Covid did strike me at the worst time when I started the new role internally, but my team were always there and helped me make it through!"

Holley F, Junior Platform Support Engineer
"Working for PPS is like going for a long run; hard work, and you may feel like packing it in everyone now and again, but totally worth it at the end of the day. There’s always a meaty challenge to get stuck into, and if you work hard and do a great job, everyone is able to see that and it encourages more people to step up and stand out! Having got married, bought and moved into a first house and been promoted to Banking Operations Manager while in COVID restrictions, I can safely say that managing a team remotely is the most difficult, although my wife may disagree! It’s been wonderful to see everyone willing and able work as normal while at home, although I miss the casual banter that grabbing a coffee usually entailed. I can’t wait to see everyone again, only to laugh while saying goodbye when I jet off for a long overdue honeymoon!"

Alex B, Banking Operations Manager
"I’m so glad to have been given a position in PPS, it is an amazing company to be a part of.

Since I started here I’ve been able to learn so much about the fintech sector in addition to learning about the development, delivery and operational support of industry leading features.

I’ve had pleasure of working with many friendly highly intellectual peers and I eagerly look forwards to continuing my work here at PPS and carrying on what has been so far a fulfilling and successful career."

Leon H, Project Manager
"Working at PPS has been a Joy, I’ve been here 2 years and worked in 3 roles during that time. The company recognises the importance of the individual & will continually provide opportunities for improving your existing skills or taking your career in a totally different direction. I honestly believe anyone who is willing to try can find a home at PPS.

(Former Hotel Manager, Current People’s Choice Award Winner 2020, Windows Engineer)

Tony H, Desktop Support Engineer

Health and Wellbeing

We take our health and wellbeing very seriously here at PPS.  

‘You Matter’ is our health and wellbeing programme where we offer regular handy tips on a wide range of wellbeing topics. We work with external partners constantly looking at effective ways to support our people – YOU MATTER.

In addition we also offer:
PMI – private medical insurance which also includes travel insurance
• EAP – employee assist programme and a 24/7 GP support services
• Monthly on site massages (when we are back in the office)
• Free fruit baskets (when we are back in the office)

But we don’t stop there – we are always looking at ways to improve our offering and our people are often asked for their ideas.

Team 'Check ins' - Regular catch ups with your teams is a great way to see how people are feeling. It is just as important to know how someone is doing as well as what they are doing.

Edenraid -  this is our Global initiative that is ‘run’ literally every year. It is a great way to either start or continue getting up and active and brings some great team spirit into play. It is a programme that encourages individuals and teams to run, walk or cycle distances every day, every week, every month. It can become quite competitive too, with results published every week.

Volunteering & Charity Days

We actively encourage at least 1 volunteer day to be taken every year and already have some great stories to tell. From supporting a local National Trust venue to clear their pathways to helping care for lost hedgehogs.


Here at PPS we recognise the importance of having a skilled and competent workforce in order to achieve strategic and operational plans. Our education, learning and development schemes support those that wish to enhance their skills to improve performance.

The Social Scene

Working together and having fun together; we do both here at PPS. Seasonal celebrations are high on our agenda; from summer gatherings (virtual currently) to winter parties, breakfast meetings with yummy snacks and evening quizzes and nibbles. BBQs and treasure hunts and even singing Christmas carols together.


Swindon Offices


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Our Swindon offices offer a bright and modern environment and are conveniently located next to the train station, and a stones’ throw from the town centre and designer outlet. We occupy 3 floors of the building providing plenty of open and collaborative spaces.
Brussels Offices


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PPS Brussels is the hub of PPS Europe. It is the central contact and meeting point for PPS EU management, legal and compliance teams who are supporting our Pan-European licensing and operations.
Dubai Offices


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The PPS Dubai office is situated on the Happiness Street and stands as a centre point for our UAE based team members and clients.

Employee Benefits

Aside from a great team, we offer a wide range of employee benefits including:
Bonus scheme
Pension scheme
Holiday trading scheme
Gym subsidy or allowance
Season ticket loans
Long service award
Cycle to work scheme
Childcare vouchers
Discounted product portal
Social events

Employee engagement surveys

Each year we run an employee survey to help PPS understand what we do really well and what areas we need improve. It is an opportunity for our teams to have a voice.

In 2020 we ran a survey to understand what challenges our people were facing during the pandemic lockdown and we had an 85% completion rate. This proved to us that our people really value being able to give their feedback. Importantly, we can respond to that feedback and take action where and when needed.

We also take part in a Global employee survey that Edenred issue called EdenVoice. This is a staff satisfaction survey and everyone in PPS is encouraged to participate.  We love getting feedback and thrive on the opportunities to change as a result.


Training and development

Over the last 2 years we delivered 600 training hours across a wide spectrum of training and development initiatives. From technical training, soft skill training, leadership and management development.

We have full access to an on-line training portal that we call EDU (Edenred Digital University). Not only does this provide access to all our mandatory training such as compliance and managing personal data but it also gives us access to subjects such as Change Management, Communication and Business Coaching.


Volunteering days delivered

At PPS we encourage every employee to get involved and take at least 1 day every year to support a local, community project. We have been involved in supporting local National Trust Projects, keeping our wildlife safe and many more.

We also support Charities and this year we will be supporting TideCharity. To learn more about this please follow this link.


Interested in a career at PPS?

Head over to the Edenred global recruitment portal to view our current vacancies.